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    By May 16, 2018Uncategorized

    It’s true what they say: When we give to others, we feel better about ourselves. Psychologists even say that wrapping gifts can put you in a better mood. Since 1+1=2, wrapping a gift and giving it to someone equals a very good thing!


    In a world dominated by emails and texting, gift-wrap remains relatively unaffected by technology. The way a gift is wrapped is always carefully considered. Each wrapping is unique on its own, and the giver has endless options to make it even more meaningful. Depending on the receiver and the occasion, the giver can choose from a host of whimsical, romantic designs to juvenile or masculine overtures and even add a twist of elements from the current holiday or season. It becomes part of a personal dialogue between the giver and receiver.

    Gift-wrapping has come along way since the plain brown shipping paper or newspaper days. It all started around 1917 with colored tissue paper being sold with greeting cards. When the tissue paper ran out, storeowners Rollie and Joyce Hall, searched for a substitute. They found envelope liners from the manufacturing plant. The liners were multi-colored, in various geometric shapes, with different patterns and designs. Americans hadn’t seen such an option before. They flew off the shelves at 10 cents a page. Gift-wrap, as we know it today, was born.

    That store went on to become Hallmark, one of the biggest US companies retailing gift-wrap. Now that gift-wrap is a staple among consumers, it continues to evolve. The industry must stay fresh and exciting, drawing on fashions and incorporating new types of paper. For instance, a trend right now is botanical and floral patterns with precise detail and attention to color. Other popular styles include metallic accents, animal prints, and two-sided or reversible paper.

    Gift-wrap designers must stay vigilant in regard to current trends and what’s coming. The world is fast-paced and changes constantly. One day a design is popular, but the next day it’s not. For you and I, it’s much easier.

    All we have to do is, pick out that perfect paper
    and wrap up a gift for giving. In the end,
    it will make us all feel better!