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  • Using Wrapping Paper To Decorate On A Budget

    By March 28, 2017Uncategorized

    Do you ever look around your house and wish everything was more seasonal? Buying decorations for every season is seriously expensive. Not to mention the problem you run into when trying to store everything that isn’t in season. Well, we’re tired of it. That’s why we took matters into our own hands and started decorating household products with wrapping paper. With Spring coming up, here’s how you can get your home looking more seasonal.

    First and foremost, locate an object in your house that would be a good fit for wrapping. You want to find something with smooth, symmetrical edges. Trust us, wrapping objects with awkward edges and obscure shapes never turns out well. Objects like plant pots, jars, and cyclical vases are a great place to start.

    Choose your wrapping paper. The nice thing about wrapping objects rather than buying new decorations is that you can take more risks! Choose a color scheme that you’ve always been interested in, but for whatever reason, never took the plunge.

    Now that you’ve got your object and wrapping paper settled, it’s time to measure. Find the circumference of what you want to wrap. An easy way to do this is wrapping measuring tape around the object, which will tell you how many inches long you want your wrapping paper to be. We recommend adding an inch or so to that number so you can have a little slack while taping everything together.

    Cut and place double-sided tape (about 2-3 inches apart) on the paper. Wrap your paper around the object, and gently press for the tape to stick.

    Take a step back and enjoy.

    That’s all it takes to make your home seasonal on a budget. Mix and match with different wrapping styles on different objects to complete the look!