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  • 3 Spring Cleaning Hacks

    By April 19, 2017Uncategorized

    Every year spring rolls around, and we’re all expected to have spotless houses. Unfortunately, the coming of spring doesn’t magically wipe our floors, organize our shelves, or dust the corners of our home. Though, that would be amazing. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been putting off spring cleaning, but now your house is so dusty you sneeze every time you open a cabinet.

    This blog post is dedicated to all of us that are struggling to find the motivation for spring cleaning. Rather than making a long list of spring cleaning tips (that tend to overwhelm), we’re going to narrow down spring cleaning hacks to only three. Just three simple things to remember, and you’ll be able to start your belated spring cleaning off right.

    1. Rubber Gloves Are Hair Magnets

    No matter what kind of fur may be filling your home, rubber gloves are the answer. All you need to do is dampen the rubber glove, and slowly run your hands over any furry surface. All that hair will stick to the glove and cleanly remove it from your furniture. But don’t put off the gloves just yet! The damp rubber gloves trick works for dust, dandruff, and more.

    1. Coffee Filters For Dusting

    If I were to ask you to find a microfiber cloth in your house, what would you say? Maybe you vaguely remember having a microfiber cloth, but chances are it’s long gone now. Well, never fear, coffee filters do the job just as well! Screens have become pieces of furniture like couches and tables, and they look much better when they’re clean. Also, don’t worry, coffee filters are perfectly safe for your electronics.

    1. Fabric Softener Sheets For Water Spots

    Surely one of the most annoying things to come across when cleaning are water spots. Not anymore! Turns out used fabric softener sheets are extremely effective in buffing out water spots on mirrors, bathroom/kitchen appliances, shower doors, and more. They even make quick work of the infamous rings that form in toilets.

    Hopefully this short list gets you inspired to begin your spring cleaning. Incorporate these few hacks, and before you know it, you’ll be finding all sorts of new cleaning hacks.